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     Dear sports lovers, any sports, this project represents our childhood dreams' fulfillment, and we hope the fulfillment of many other dreams from the time the Internet was not available at all homes or it didn't even exist. Our wish is to offer you all the information about all sports, sports competitions and all the things that sports could offer, all in one place. We have made an effort to include all the sports as well as all the competitions and facts we could collect on our own and what we have offered in this version represents only a part of what we want to show you.

If you are sports lovers as we are, then this is the right place for you. Therefore, read, watch, learn and have fun!









We have to emphasize that no information is official and that we do not guarantee its accuracy

     That is why we kindly ask all sports workers, federations, organizations or anyone who has a possibility or is willing to share information, texts, pictures, videos, interviews or whatever they possess with us, so that we can present each sport in the right way. We would also like to kindly ask all the people of good will and sports enthusiasts to contact us if they notice a mistake, or have a suggestion, an idea, a criticism...

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