Mediterranean Games

Short History

     The idea of Mediterranean Games was proposed at the 1948 Summer Olympics by Muhammed Taher Pasha, chairman of the Egyptian Olympic Committee and vice-president of the IOC, assisted by the Greek member of the IOC Ioannis Ketseas. In 1949 an unofficial event was held in Istanbul, Turkey but the first official Mediterranean Games were held in Alexandria, Egypt in 1951. In 1955, in Barcelona, during the II Games, the set up was decided of a Supervisory and Controlling Body for the Games, a kind of Executive Committee. The decisions were finally materialized in 1961, and the said Body was named the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games (ICMG).
     The Games were held under the auspices of the IOC, and held 4 years after the previous, with one exception, the Games in 1993, in Languedoc-Roussillon, France, held only 2 years after the Games in 1991. In the first four Games, only men take the participation. The logo of the games has been used since the game in Split, Yugoslavia, in 1979. Throughout the history of the Mediterranean Games, 33 different sports have been presented. At present, 26 countries participate in the Games, 5 from Africa, 2 from Asia, and 19 from Europe. There are countries not bordering the Mediterranean Sea which nonetheless participate. 12 countries were hosted for Mediterranean Games, 4 from Africa, 2 from Asia, and 6 from Europe.