Short History

     The first ball­room dance contest was organized in 1901 in Paris (France) and the first unofficial DanceSport World Championship took place in 1909. In the years after WWI, ballroom dances were largely performed in all the big cities from Europe. Throughout the 1920s, several European nations were the pioneers in the gradual emergence of dance as an organised sport. The Fédération Internationale de Danse pour Amateurs (FIDA) was founded in 1935 in Prague, and it staged the first World Championship in Bad Nauheim, Germany, one year later. In 1950, the International Council of Ballroom Dancing (now the World Dance Council (WDC)) was founded in Edinburgh, and became the first international professional dance organisation.
     After many problems with professional dancers FIDA suspended activities in 1956, and the amateurs no longer had any functioning international authoritative body. And this besides the fact that the movement of competition dancing spread steadily. A strong circle of amateurs could not stand this situation, and in 1957 eight European nations started the International Council of Amateur Dancers (now the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)). The dance clubs began to form in the 1960’s and 1970’s. After a long campaign, WDSF, was recognized by the IOC as the sole representative body for DanceSport in 1997, however, DanceSport has not been included as an official event at the Olympics since its recognition.