Ski Jumping

Short History

     The first ski jumping competitions were held in Norway, in the 19th century. The origin of ski jumping can be traced to Ole Rye who jumped 9.5m in 1808. Sondre Norheim, who is regarded as the "father" of the modern ski jumping, won the first-ever ski jumping competition in Høydalsmo in 1866. The first larger ski jumping competition was held on Husebyrennet hill in Oslo, Norway, in 1875. In the late 19th century, Sondre Norheim and Nordic skier Karl Hovelsen immigrated to the United States and started developing the sport in that country.
     Ski jumping has been included in the Winter Olympics since the 1924 Games in Chamonix, France and has been featured at every Olympics since. Upon addition of a second, much bigger hill to the 1964 Olympics, the event was split, creating large-hill jumping and normal-or small-hill jumping. The team event was added later, at the 1988 Winter Olympics. World championships for ski jumping began in 1925 under the governance of the FIS, and a World Cup tour was established in 1980. Women did not compete in ski jumping at the World Championships until 2009.