Short History

     FIBA Asia is responsible for controlling and developing the sport of basketball in Asia, within the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). It is one of five Regions of FIBA which currently includes 44 national Asian basketball federations. Although the first Asian Basketball Confederation Championship was held in 1960, the Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) Constitution & Bye Laws was finalized during the 1963 ABC Championship in Taipei. In 2002, with the One Family concept Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) was renamed FIBA Asia.
     FIBA Asia is divided into six sub-zones; Central Asia Basketball Association (CABA), East Asia Basketball Association (EABA), Gulf Basketball Association (GBA), South Asia Basketball Association (SABA), South East Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) and West Asia Basketball Association (WABA). Each of these zones holds competitions within its zones in addition to the FIBA Asia competitions.

Formation                     - ? 1960
Founded at                   - ?
Headquarters               - Beirut, Lebanon
Region served              - Asia
Membership                - 44 national associations
Official language         - English
President                      - Saud Ali Al Thani
Parent organization    - FIBA
Website                         -



FIBA Asia’s Confederations