FIBA Americas

Short History

     FIBA Americas is responsible for controlling and developing the sport of basketball in the Americas, within the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). It is one of five Regions of FIBA which currently includes 44 national basketball federations from the North, Center and South America. Official Spanish name is Confederación Panamericana de Baloncesto. The history of the confederation begins in 1972 and 1973, with the conversations of Mr. William Jones, General Secretary of FIBA and with Mr. Jose Claudio Dos Reis, leader of Brazilian basketball, to create a regional federation of the Americas.
     In 1974, in Puerto Rico, during the seventh World Championship, the delegations of the three zones of America met for the first time. After a few success meetings the FIBA Americas was finally founded on 11 October 1975. FIBA America is divided into three sub-zones; the North area sub-zone, the South American (CONSUBASQUET) sub-zone, and the Central America and the Caribbean area (CONCENCABA) Sub-zone, which is divided into two sub sub-zones: Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) and Central America (COCABA). Each of these zones holds competitions within its zones in addition to the FIBA America competitions.

Formation                     - 11 October 1975
Founded at                   - ?
Headquarters               - Miami, Florida, United States
Region served              - North, Center and South America
Membership                - 44 national associations
Official language         - English and Spanish
President                      - Carol Callan
Parent organization    - FIBA
Website                         -



FIBA Americas’s Confederations