Short History

     The North American Football Union (NAFU) is a regional grouping under CONCACAF of national football organizations in the North American Zone. The NAFU has three members: the United States, Mexico and Canada, but has no organizational structure. The NAFU provides one of CONCACAF's representatives to the FIFA Executive Committee. The national teams of Canada, Mexico, and the United States are always qualified to the final stage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, so there is no qualifying tournament for this zone, unlike the tournaments for the UNCAF and the CFU. However, as members of CONCACAF there were two tournaments of the North American Championship previous to the Gold Cup.

Formation                     - ?
Headquarters               - ?
Region served              - North America
Membership                - 3 national associations
Official language         - ?
President                      - ?
Parent organization    - CONCACAF
Website                         - ?